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‘Traffic light’ food labels gain momentum across Europe
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Specific taxes on sugar, salt or fat do cause reductions in consumption, the European Commission found in a new report. But higher taxes may also merely encourage consumers to go for cheaper products, it warned. However, the industry does not share this view. Referring to the examples of Denmark and Finland, the industry believes that food taxation distorts the market and brings negligible public health results.

Denmark was the first country to introduce a fat tax on foods that are high in saturated fat. France is raising the tax on all high calorie foods in an attempt to tackle its increasing weight problem.

Wouter Lox, managing director of the EU salt association, said the ultimate goal was to have well-informed consumers but stressed that changing consumer behaviour could only be achieved through education, starting at school. Lox also pointed out that there is a difference between an autocratic governmental approach that lifts any responsibility from the consumer, and an approach that provides consumers with enough background to help them make informed choices.

Europe will face an obesity crisis of vast proportions by , according to new World Health Organization projections, with many countries likely to see far more than half of adults above the healthy weight limit. Taxation should indeed be considered as part of a wider range of tools and the complexity of its effects calls for careful consideration and design, a Commission spokesperson told EURACTIV.

Faced with alarming childhood obesity cases, the European Commission is calling on member states to take action in the procurement of healthy food for schools. The action plan, which was a top health priority for the Maltese EU Presidency, focuses on promoting healthier environments, especially in schools and preschools, restricting marketing and advertising for children, encouraging physical activity and increasing research.

In addition, the EU spokesperson said that reformulating food products to contain less salt, fats or sugars was another initiative being explored by member states in the High-Level Group on nutrition and physical activity, chaired by the Commission. The family environment is not able to overcome childhood obesity without governmental support, a new report has found.

Efficacité et Transparence des Acteurs Européens Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy Contact us. Paris to tackle obesity with junk food tax France is raising the tax on all high calorie foods in an attempt to tackle its increasing weight problem. WHO warns of burgeoning obesity crisis in Europe Europe will face an obesity crisis of vast proportions by , according to new World Health Organization projections, with many countries likely to see far more than half of adults above the healthy weight limit.

Reynolds yelled, "You just killed my boyfriend! Of the seven shots fired by Yanez at point blank range, five hit Castile and two of those hit and pierced his heart.

The events that occurred immediately following the shooting were streamed live in a minute video by Reynolds via Facebook. Reynolds stated on the video that Yanez "asked him for license and registration. He told him that it was in his wallet, but he had a pistol on him because he's licensed to carry. Reynolds told the officer, "You shot four bullets into him, sir. He was just getting his license and registration, sir. I told him to get his hand open! At one point in the video footage, an officer orders Reynolds to get on her knees and the sound of Reynolds being handcuffed can be heard.

Reynolds' phone falls onto the ground but continues recording, and an officer periodically yells, "Fuck! The day following the shooting, Reynolds said that police had "treated me like a criminal CDT, was taken into custody and questioned at a police station then released the following morning around 5: According to police and emergency audio of the aftermath obtained by the Star Tribune , at 9: You just heard it? One officer reports, "One adult female being taken into custody.

Juvenile female, child, is with [another officer]. We need a couple other squads to block off intersections. One suspect that needs medics. Reynolds said that officers had failed to check Castile for a pulse or to see if he was breathing for several minutes after the shooting, and instead comforted the officer who fired the shots.

In the dashcam video of the incident Yanez can be heard being questioned by St. Anthony Police Officer Tressa Sunde within minutes of the shooting, and telling her:. I told him, 'Can I see your license? I told him not to reach for it and sigh when he went down to grab, I told him not to reach for it clears throat and then he kept it right there, and I told him to take his hands off of it, and then he sigh he had his, his grip a lot wider than a wallet And I don't know where the gun was, he didn't tell me where the fucking gun was, and then it was just getting hinky, he gave, he was just staring ahead, and then I was getting fucking nervous, and then I told him, I know I fucking told him to get his fucking hand off his gun.

According to the official Minnesota Department of Public Safety 's Bureau of Criminal Apprehension BCA transcript of the interview of Yanez and his attorneys Tom Kelly and Robert Fowler, Yanez stated that his justification for the shooting was based on fear for his own life because he believed that Castile's behavior was abusive toward a young girl passenger Reynolds' daughter in the car.

According to the local publication City Pages ' description of the BCA conversation, Yanez "could never state definitively Yanez uses "various terms to suggest the presence of a firearm". Yanez states, "it appeared to me that he was wrapping something around his fingers and almost like if I were to put my hand around my gun.

It was dark inside the vehicle And he was pulling it out with his right hand. In his court testimony almost a year later, Yanez was more definitive, and testified that he was "able to see the firearm in Mr.

Castile's hand," and was forced to shoot him. The gun was found to be in Castile's pocket when paramedics were prepared to load his fatally wounded body into an ambulance.

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner's office ruled Castile's death a homicide and said that he had sustained multiple gunshot wounds. The reasonableness of the initial traffic stop, and the facts of what occurred in the seconds of the stop between the end of the pre-stop police dispatcher radio and the beginning of Reynolds' recording were "hotly disputed" almost immediately after the shooting occurred. This had everything to do with the presence of a gun. In the video recorded shortly after the shooting, Reynolds said that the car was pulled over for a broken taillight.

A Castile family attorney, Albert Goins, questioned this account, said that if Yanez actually thought Castile was a robbery suspect, the police would have made a "felony traffic stop" involving "bringing the suspect out at gunpoint while officers are in a position of cover and having them lie on the ground until they can identify who that individual is" rather than an ordinary traffic stop in which officers stop the car and ask the driver to produce documents.

Goins said, "Either [Castile] was a robbery suspect and [Yanez] didn't follow the procedures for a felony stop, or [Castile] was not a robbery suspect and [Yanez] shot a man because he stood at his window getting his information. Kelly confirmed the authenticity of the pre-stop police audio, in which one officer reports that the driver resembled a recent robbery suspect due to his "wide-set nose. Goins said, "I can't imagine that it's reasonable suspicion to make a stop because somebody had a broad nose.

Castile's mother Valerie Castile and her lawyer Glenda Hatchett called for the case to be referred to a special prosecutor and called for the U. Department of Justice to conduct a federal investigation.

Paul, chanting Castile's name and demanding that Governor Mark Dayton make a statement. Paul continued, remaining "peaceful but forceful". She also called for an independent body to investigate the shooting, expressing skepticism with the state agency that is leading the investigation of the incident, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, a division of the Department of Public Safety.

After a week of peaceful protests and vigils , violence between protesters and police in St. Paul broke out on July 9 and Some people were arrested and 21 officers 15 police officers and six Minnesota State Patrol officers had been injured, one of them seriously. A group threw rocks, bottles, and Molotov cocktails at police and police used pepper spray and tear gas to disperse the crowd.

Paul to be closed. After they were dispersed from the highway, another group of protests took place at Dale and Grand Avenue. After the shooting, a number of activists established an encampment outside of the Governor's Residence.

On July 18, demonstrators cleared the encampment and moved off the road after police directed them to move, saying that they could continue to protest "as long as it was done on the sidewalk" and did not impede vehicle or pedestrian traffic. The interactions between police and demonstrators were peaceful, and no arrests were made. On July 19, 21 protesters—mostly members of the St. Paul and Minneapolis teachers' federations—were arrested willingly at a protest in Minneapolis after blocking a street in Minneapolis and refusing orders to disperse.

The teachers marched from the Minneapolis Convention Center where an American Federation of Teachers convention was being held to the Nicollet Mall area; they were cited for misdemeanor public nuisance and released.

Later in the morning of July 7, Governor Dayton appeared outside his residence and said: My deepest condolences go out to the family and friends. On behalf of all decent-minded Minnesotans, we are shocked and horrified by what occurred last night.

This kind of behavior is unacceptable. It is not the norm in Minnesota. Justice will be served in Minnesota. Dayton said he had requested an independent U. I don't think it would have. Representative Betty McCollum , Democrat of Minnesota, whose district includes the place where Castile was shot, also called for a Justice Department investigation, [59] and U.

Senator Al Franken , Democrat of Minnesota, also called for a federal investigation, saying in a statement: And I am heartbroken for Philando's family and loved ones, whose son, brother, boyfriend, and nephew was taken from them last night. Representative Keith Ellison , Democrat of Minnesota, denounced the "systematic targeting of African Americans and a systematic lack of accountability. Speaking shortly after the shootings of Castile and Alton Sterling , President Barack Obama did not comment on the specific incidents, but called on the U.

Obama expressed "extraordinary appreciation and respect for the vast majority of police officers" and noted the difficult nature of the job. This is not just a black issue, not just a Hispanic issue.

This is an American issue that we all should care about. Do not be confrontational and cooperate". The NRA , which advocates for the rights of gun owners, issued a statement after the shooting saying: In the meantime, it is important for the NRA not to comment while the investigation is ongoing. Rest assured, the NRA will have more to say once all the facts are known.

Paul Central High School. He intended the work as a 'sister-image' to her filmed footage. The day after the fatal shooting, the St. Anthony Police Department identified the officer who fired the fatal shots as Yanez. He and his partner Kauser were placed on paid administrative leave. The BCA said that squad-car video and "several" other videos had been collected as evidence.

Anthony police do not wear body cameras. Prosecutors in the Ramsey County Attorney's Office would decide whether to file charges in the shooting or bring the case to a grand jury. Choi reviewed the evidence with assistance from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U. Attorney's office, [78] a retired deputy chief of police in Irvine, California , [79] and a former federal prosecutor. To justify the use of deadly force, it is not enough, however, for the police officer to merely express a subjective fear of death or great bodily harm.

Unreasonable fear cannot justify the use of deadly force. The use of deadly force must be objectively reasonable and necessary, given the totality of the circumstances. Based upon our thorough and exhaustive review of the facts of this case, it is my conclusion that the use of deadly force by Officer Yanez was not justified, and that sufficient facts exist to prove that to be true.

Accordingly, we filed a criminal complaint this morning in Ramsey County. According to author and former FBI agent Larry Brubaker, who has written two books on officer-involved shootings, "this is the first time an officer has been charged for a fatal shooting in Minnesota in more than cases that spanned over three decades".

He had been charged with manslaughter and reckless discharge of a firearm. After five days and more than 25 hours of deliberation, the jury decided that the state had not met its burden for a conviction.

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