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BMW 3 Series (E46)
Another customer talked about its taste, cost, and customer service stating that all three were terrible. The lead car, driven by Rick Fairbanks and Nick Ham, had several podium finishes in its inaugural season,. There is also what is known as the Hella grille insert which is the same as a ' '87 grille except it has lights in the center section. The E46 sedan was revealed via press release on November 11, and was launched on the market at the end of April with customer deliveries. Gauges by Roland Laborie and Eric Marciano.

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It is normal for it to make a clacking noise during warm up and should be mistaken for being broken: However, if after warm up the clacking continues then the hydraulic system has most likely failed. Any repairs here are recommended to be performed by a shop. The camshaft is very vulnerable in the M If the motor is not regularly serviced oil and filter change if not done then the oil film will become virtually nonexistent. Power loss is the result. An exchange of the camshaft is needed which is very expensive.

If you have faith in yourself then you can do it, if not have a shop do it. Usually not a problem but if they clog then you will fell a power loss especially under load. Its recommended you just get them refurbished rather than the significantly more expensive route of getting them new.

Wear item and can oxidize. Rough running engine and misfiring can be products of a bad distributor cap and rotor. An easy job to replace. If your temp gauge is acting funny to high or to low or is not warming up after a long time then consider changing the thermostat as it controls the opening of a coolant valve at a certain temperature.

The M42 engine is the most modern of all the E30 engines. This is the only 4 valve per cylinder designed engine in the range of e30 engines except for the s14 in the m3.

Compared to the M40 engines the IS has a timing chain where most engines have a timing belt. However if its not oiled then you will have problems. Make sure the chain tensioner is in good condition because repairs are very expensive. Minimal rattle is fine under rpm but if it persists higher in the rev range then the solution may get very expensive. The M20 engine is the six-cylinder engine of the E It is refined, powerful and reliable.

If you notice a valve tick adjust the clearance of the valve train. This should be done every 15,Km but usually people wait a lot longer for some reason. Another possible cause on top of valve tick is smoke out of the exhaust because if the clearance is off the valve will not seal right and thus produce bad combustion and thus smoke out of the exhaust. The rocker arms are the link between the camshaft and valve. The control cams of the camshaft push against the rocker arm, which sit on a shaft.

A failure usually means a destroyed cylinder. An experienced Do it yourselfer can do this job. The fuel pressure regulator is not generally prone to defects. However, power loss, and bad throttle response are usually symptoms. Also check the coolant reservoir for oil. With the engine running problems may be stuttering, too little power, hesitates, and a bad or inconsistent idle. The idle problem is usually a vacuum leak notably check the elbow from the AFM to the intake manifold.

It could also be a bad idle control valve, usually a good cleaning will take care of things but it may need complete replacing. If it drives fine then the o2 sensor is your problem, so replace it if it continues to persist then start checking other areas like the ECU and AFM. The water pump usually fails because the timing belt fails and if the timing belt fails then say goodbye to your engine because it is an interference engine which means valves will contact pistons; and this is never good!

It is recommended that when changing the timing belt every 60, miles ,km you should also replace the water pump and tensioner. Now that all possible points of failure of the engines have been described, one might think the E30 engines are vulnerable. This is deceptive; when the engine is cold take care of it and maintain it well, a BMW engine is very robust, personally id say if taken care of borderline bulletproof.

This entry was posted on May 15, at 1: You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. What a master piece, your translation! Just found you on the Net. Regarding a ic with hardtop ht problem: My car is M10 there is some noise in engine, I think the cam chain timing chain that causes that sound. If possible how can I do that? Can you send me the engine picture which showing timing chain side for my refference? Can you send me also the picture of transmission section and differential because I want to try chancge clutch by my self.

Thanks for your help. All the information posted is so accurate and helpfull. Hi, i am from mauritius and own an e Yes a picture would help, send it to me at rytis2 yahoo.

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A password will be e-mailed to you. Here we would like to present a comprehensive buying guide for the E Each framed body in the pictures shows a vulnerability. Sunroof Unfortunately the e30 is prone to rust on and around the sunroof. Rear license plate area: Fenders on the front: Rear side windows Convertible: Tailgate of the Touring: Make sure the tailgate drainage is clean of dirt and junk.

The Baur is based on a normal two-door model. Changing the hardtop is practically impossible due to the way it separates. And lastly it is a better car to be in during an accident over a cabrio! All shown weaknesses apply equally to Sedan, Convertible and Touring.

Distributor cap and rotor: The M40 engine The M40 engine is the smallest in the E30 family. Would appreciate your expertise, perhaps a Website, etc.

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Soon, we'll bid farewell to the E92 M3, a car that's received no shortage of praise from us over the years. With its departure will also come the end of the naturally aspirated engines that have powered the M3 for nearly 30 years.

To give them a proper farewell, we gathered an example from each generation and spent two days…. Get more info from BMW. X Newsletter Sign Up. I prefer to receive internal offers and promotions. I prefer to receive occasional updates with special offers from carefully selected third party partners. By subscribing you agree to the terms and conditions of our terms of use.

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