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Does not taste chalky at all and is a great post workout shake. They actually taste good! But I love them with frozen banana and a Tbls of peanut butter. December 31, at I will have both flavors to enjoy. Not bad, not great.

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Select the subscription method below that best fits your lifestyle. Copy the address found in the box above and paste into your favorite podcast application or news reader. Love this protein shake flavors and performance. My goal has been more toning, but I did gain muscle mass after I started using this in my work out. I bought the birthday cake flavor and its seriously everything I could want in a protein powder.

You have a lifelong customer! Katie Almand verified owner — April 19, I absolutely love this protein. Channon Fair verified owner — April 19, The chocolate peanut butter flavor is delicious! My only concern is the price, I wish it was a little more affordable.

Oh and I love the fitness blog-diet and nutrition section of the website! I wish they posted recipes using the protein powders more frequently though. All in all, a great product!

Stacy Jantz verified owner — April 19, Ive tried others but I keep coming back because nothing even comes close! Every flavor is perfect. I love how the Molten Chocolate reminds me of Nesquik that I had as a kid, most chocolate protein tastes kinda plain.

So much love for Apollo! Kristen Mohamed verified owner — April 20, I changed it up and bought the new caramel flavor and was not disappointed. This stuff mixes up great in smoothies or just with water. Will never stop buying! Eliana verified owner — April 20, The birthday cake cupcake protein is so good! Would definitely get it again! Canikah Lockett — April 21, The banana flavor wasnt my favorite. It taste like medicine. I really want to try the vanilla.

Also I had gas after drinking this not sure why. Sarah — April 22, I was satisfied with the size of the container, it was reasonably priced. I definitely recommend this product. I bought the salted Carmel and instantly regretted my decision. It literally has no flavor and is also very gritty like sand. Not impressed in the least bit.

So, I tried the cookies and creme protein powder and it is delicious! I have ordered that flavor twice, but this time I tried the chocolate! It is still good, but not as flavorful and not as delicious as the cookies and creme.

It is an average chocolate taste and texture, and I would say that what would make it better would be a richer chocolate flavor! I think that would make it 5 stars! So for me, cookies and creme is a 5 star, and chocolate is more of an average 4. I played it safe and got the Vanilla Milkshake flavor and it was SO yummy!! The consistency is perfect and the taste is amazing! Allie verified owner — April 24, Estee verified owner — April 24, I even use it to make myself cookie dough.

I got the birthday cake flavor. LOVE my unico protein!! Tried the birthday cake flavor — amazing! This does not have that, and really tastes like birthday cake! The taste is awesome! Even with just water! Thank you so much for this product! Karie verified owner — April 26, Caramel Flavor tastes just like caramel.

The flavor is good. The energy you get is great and you feel full. I absolutely love this protein powder! Samantha Harrell verified owner — April 29, I have tried a lot of different protein powders and this is by far my favoirte. It mixes well with no grit or chalky flavor. The vanilla milkshake is true to its flavore name.

I ordered both the chocolate peanut butter and gooey cinnamon roll and they both taste incredible. Not only does the protein taste amazing, but the ingredients are what really made me look in to this brand. The grass fed whey along with casein make this a great protein shake for any time of the day or post workout. Cant wait to try more flavors! They actually taste good!

Meagan Price verified owner — May 2, Best tasting protein powder ever. Thank you for making such amazing products!!! Sierra Kuckein verified owner — May 2, Tastes so good just with water or in oats or in baking or smoothies….

Crystal Torres — May 3, Brittanyjbecker verified owner — May 4, I have tried both the Salted Caramel and the Birthday Cake and they are incredible! Lindsey verified owner — May 7, Like this protein powder! A little high in carbs compared to others , but tastes great. Also, the scooper seems to be a bit large, measure the powder using a scale to get accurate gram count!

I absolutely love this protein powder. I have tried protein powders before and have never enjoyed the flavor OR the consistency. I ordered the Cookies and Creme flavored one and absolutely love it. Genuinely tastes like a CandC milkshake. The second best part, is how long it leaves me feeling satisfied. I drink it in the morning and I feel satisfied until lunch time which is awesome!

Hope verified owner — May 8, Will definitely be buying again. I got chocolate peanut butter and when I mix with a little milk it really tastes like a milkshake! The frosted cinnamon roll is to die for. I mix this with milk and the texture is smooth and easy to get down. This protein keeps me full for a long period of time. Bailey verified owner — May 10, Sara Bijan verified owner — May 13, Very clean taste and amazing macros. The birthday cake flavor is my favorite! Ana — May 14, Hunger and craving curbing like no other!!

I have the fastest metabolism and am constantly snacking every 3 hours and one scoop with water I swear fills me up for over 5 hours!!! Not to mention the flavor are heavenly! Hunger and craving curbing like no other! A single scoop keeps me full for up to 5 hours, and I swear I have the fastest metabolism ever!

Amazing taste and wide variety of flavors, excited to continue to try more! I feel full, it lasts a long time. It never feels like I am truly replacing a meal. I am enjoying the taste and having what feels like a real meal. I will continue to purchase this product for a long time. I am incredibly happy with it. The delicious vanilla pure protein powder was very tasty.

I loved making banana protein pancakes with it and the flavor was the best protein powder that I have had without that super protein taste. It was very fluffy in the shakes And great quality. I have never been a salted caramel fan but this product is aaamazing!!! I absolutely love it! Shauna verified owner — May 19, I liked the taste of the powder but I was really disappointed in the packaging.

Birthday Cake Cupcake is absolutely delicious!! I blended some frozen strawberries with it and it tasted like homemade cake. I have tried many other protein powders and before ordering from Unico.

It gives me everything I need after a tough workout to re-fuel and keep me going until my meal. Laura verified owner — May 22, Alexis Cordivari verified owner — May 23, The flavor is amazing and the powder is very fine so it mixes extremely well with no lumps! Kathleen verified owner — May 24, Like I enjoy drinking my protein because of this brand.

This is one of the best protein powders that i have tried. I purchased the burthday cupcake and it tastes awesome! I will definitely purchase again. I will be trying the other flavors: HP verified owner — May 25, This is seriously one of the best tasting proteins I have tried. I have tried to gooey cinnamon roll and birthday cupcake. Both are absolutely wonderful! They are a little off putting because they get soggy after a little bit. Kelly OBrien verified owner — May 25, The cinnamon flavor is so darn delicious!!!

Andrea verified owner — May 28, Jackie Gutierrez verified owner — May 29, Honestly the best tasting protein I have had in a while. I definitely recommend anyone to try this.

I usually get the vanilla because I like to make different flavored shakes. Low carbs, and tastes so good. My first time really using protein powder… I can tell a difference in my workouts and I LOVE the taste of the cupcake flavor. Nora Lavella verified owner — June 1, Tiggerbear97 verified owner — June 1, Alyssa Gray verified owner — June 2, This is the best protein ever! Low carbs, minimal ingredients.. Jenna verified owner — June 2, Stephanie Cisco verified owner — June 2, I always struggled with finding a good protein that also tastes good.

Until I found this! Muriel K verified owner — June 3, I love the birthday cake protein with strawberry! Very cute with sprinkles and all, but the key is it curbs hunger longer than most when using as replacement. Tiffany verified owner — June 4, No chalky taste, no unbearable flavors and goes down smooth!

Meagon verified owner — June 4, Josie Dennis verified owner — June 4, This is hands down the best tasting protein I have found yet.

And no after taste which makes it even better. Allison Shinnebarger verified owner — June 4, This one is simply the best! So far, I am loving this!! The taste is amazing, and I definitely feel full afterwards.

I already ordered my second round, just to be sure I never run out. Right now I have the birthday cake and the little sprinkles just brighten my day! Finally a protein worth sipping. I have tried so many different protein powders, and I keep coming back to Unico!! I love adding them into my smoothies they always end up tasting like milkshakes and Apollo makes really good protein waffles as well!! Not gritty at all, I look forward to using my protein every day! This is the most delicious protein out there.

Cinnamon roll literally tastes like a dessert. Egads verified owner — June 7, The chocolate lava and cookies and dream are my fav. The banana pie was also good. Wish they would get samples back in.

I want to try choc peanut butter. Kristin verified owner — June 8, I have to limit myself because the vanilla shake is so good. TraumaQueen verified owner — June 9, Really enjoying this product, looking forward to trying the other flavors and the vegan option.

Kindal verified owner — June 9, Vicktorea verified owner — June 11, Chessa leisring verified owner — June 11, This product is phenomenal. I have tried almost every protein powder out there and this is the best tasting and also keeps me feeling full the longest.

It also mixes well and has no chalky texture. The Birthday Cake cupcake flavor is amazing!!! Ashley Cardillo verified owner — June 11, I love this protein! I try to watch how much added sugar is in the supplements I use and there is hardly any added sugar. My favorite so far is the cinnamon roll one. It tastes like a churro. However, I knew that I needed to start taking protein after the gym so I bought the chocolate lava shake flavor.

So I tried it with milk and it was much better to stomach for me so that may be the way I need to drink it all the time. Other than that, the chocolate flavor itself is good and it did leave me feeling full after a workout and held me until I was home to cook dinner. Lulu — June 12, Almost finished with the banana cream pie flavor, came back here to reorder the same flavor. Read a review that it tastes like banana laffy taffy, and I can confirm. Also, if you mix it with coconut milk and pineapple orange juice it tastes like a vacation.

I was really surprised about how good this tasted for a vegan protein powder. It almost does have a nutty flavor even tho the only nut in it is coconut.

Merlin Solares verified owner — June 12, First of all, I love that you have the option to chose vegan. I hope more flavors come out! As someone who was paying out the butt for Shakeology for well over a year, I was so happy to find Unarco! Great product and tastes amazing! Leah verified owner — June 12, The molten lava chocolate and cinnamon bun protein powders are phenomenal! The cookies and cream tastes just like an Oreo Milkshake!

The protein itself is great. The flavor of the Chocolate Peanut Butter, however, is a tad disappointing. I have to dd my own PB2 powder to get the peanut butter flavor. Aside from banana not being quite my cup of tea, the rest are freaking amazing. It also bakes really well! Kate — June 13, The shakes are smooth, blend well in smoothies and with a blender bottle, and are absolutely delicious! Melissa verified owner — June 13, Allison Born verified owner — June 13, I love how versatile the powders are.

I can shake them up with just milk, blend them into smoothies, bake them in food, or even just blend them into protein balls. And I feel great after. I always have cold coffee in my fridge usually left over from a full pot I made.

Samiyah Benjamin verified owner — June 13, Best tasting protein powder ever… Exactly like a vanilla milkshake. I rate this product both thumbs up!!! I love how my protein shakes come out so creamy if I add ice and very flavorful or make my proats super creamy! I was super hesitant to purchase- every company always states that their protein powders are non-chalky, and delicious.. Unico birthday cake protein is exactly as described: You will absolutely NOT regret buying the protein- whatever flavor you choose.

I am going to start purchasing more flavors so I can tag them in depending on what I am craving cause.. Nicole Pizza verified owner — June 15, I have tried many of these flavors. My all time favorite is Cinnamon Roll. This flavor is not too sweet, but delicious, especially when blended with ice and milk in the blender. For sweeter flavors I would choose birthday cake or cookies and cream. None of these proteins have the nasty chalky taste.

As far as performance, they keep me satisfied and when used properly I see sufficient gains. My mom recently ordered the vegan option. Did I mention it not only smells amazing but tastes amazing and I can drink it with just unsweetened almond milk? Kathryn Gagnon verified owner — June 16, Cookies and cream tastes just like a milkshake just by adding the suggested amount of water! This protein powder is sweet and creamy and mixes like a dream.

Sara P verified owner — June 17, Tastes great and mixes very well. Does not taste chalky at all and is a great post workout shake. I will definitely be repurchasing again. Zach Burton verified owner — June 18, I have tried multiple flavors and they are all super tasty. I will be a repeat buyer! Christan — June 20, I just received the Caramel today. I mixed with 50g of banana and cashew milk. Add a pinch or two of salt and it knocks the flavor out of the park.

Tastes like straight caramel sauce! A Unico protein shake has become a part of my everyday breakfast. Mixes well and is very filling. I have a smile on my face while typing this review; I just finished my morning shake! I cant wait to try more favors! Cheryce Ward verified owner — June 25, Desiree Hernandez verified owner — June 29, Julie verified owner — July 1, Carrie verified owner — July 6, A lot of different products leave a lot to be desired in the flavor department.

NOT the case with this. Ordered birthday cake cupcake and oh my heck! Would definitely recommend and will be ordering more! Spencer verified owner — July 11, I went out on a whim and ordered the delicious vanilla icecream milkshake flavor and the second it landed on my doorstep I was dumping it into a blender bottle with some almond milk.

One sip in and I ran to my social media to tell everyone to stop what they were doing and go out and purchase this product themselves! This is hands down the smoothest and best tasting protein powder on the planet what used to be a daunting task for me is now something I look forward to waking up and drinking.

Not only does it taste great it also keeps me full for hours and as someone who works in emergency medicine that is very important. Cassie verified owner — July 13, This stuff is good. I have tried four flavors; banana, caramel, cinnamon roll, and chocolate peanut butter, and all of them are amazing in comparison to other protein shakes. The consistency of the powder itself is really light and in a shaker, it froths.

Some other protein brands leave a crunchy, unhydrated chalk even after vigorous shaking, but not this one. The flavor is exactly as promised, it tastes like a cinnamon roll from Cinnabon, covered in icing when it is mixed in water!! The macros are perfect and it makes me so happy to have this flavor again while cutting, without needing a cheat day. I am in love. Crystal Maher verified owner — July 19, This protein powder is soooooooo freaking good!!

So, no thank you. This stuff is so freaking good. I got the vanilla ice cream shake one. Can we just focus on that? My favorite flavor is Birthday Cake Cupcakes with extra sprinkles ;- and it is a staple in my pantry! I have been slowly adding the other flavors to my collection too and there is something special about every single flavor!

I can promise you the flavor will NOT dissapoint! Liv verified owner — July 19, Obsessed with the chocolate lava when heated up.

Eryn verified owner — July 19, Do not sleep on this product. It makes it milkshake consistency and makes me super super full. I am not a superfit muscle building goddess. I am a Midwest chick with lots of chub to lose who rides her bike and walks unbelieveably long distances to accomplish that.

That being said, I have tried A LOT of protein powders and most of them either taste like crap or have a yucky texture. Clumpy protein shakes are no fun! So I purchased a tub of the birthday cake protein powder. Great texture, dissolves completely and is not chalky.

No funky aftertaste either. It works well with milk or just plain water, with no blender required. My favorite part is the sprinkles that seem to appear out of nowhere. They add a little bit of fun to my protein shake. I actually look forward to this protein shake. It did take a while for my order to come.

Apparently there was an inventory issue which delayed the processing of my order. But Erin and her team stayed on top of it and kept me informed about where my order was. The customer service was very good. I have ordered this protein powder twice the Birthday cake protein powder It took a little experimenting, but I love the recipe I use and it makes an awesome, awesome shake every time.

I make it almost every day and it is so great. After searching for almost a year, I found this protein and I will never buy from another again. The birthday cake is the best, I love the rainbow sprinkles and the packaging is eye catchy and gorgeous. Therese Marzouk verified owner — July 22, I am in love with this protein powder!!!

It mixes easily, even without a shaker. The flavors are amazing— luscious and decadent… with macros that meet my needs. I was looking for some kind of protein powder to help supplement my diet, as I tend to go all day without eating during the work day.

Decided to try this and see if it lived up to the hype. It tasted better and less gritty when blended as opposed to just using a shaker bottle, but it was good either way.

It definitely fills me up and helps get rid of the oops-I-forgot-to-eat-today headaches. This protein is unbelievable delicious. It tastes great alone mixed with water, or added into my berry smoothie. Even my children love it. This protein is BOMB! My husband and I tried the Birthday Cake flavor and it was so tasty. He used it a few times with just water and said it was good, but we loved mixing it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

We use it after workouts only and it seems to curb hunger for a bit. I got the chocolate peanut butter flavor and it tastes just like a liquid peanut butter cup! The birthday cupcakes is so good. And I stay full until my next meal. The Sprinkles alone give it 5 stars!! I cannot wait to try more flavors and products! The bday cake protein is amazing I cannot stop making things with it!

The quality is also just amazing I love it so much! Definitely worth the price! Taylor baker verified owner — August 3, Cookies and cream, and chocolate are amazing! Birthday cake and vanilla are strong contenders! Mixes well, put in yogurt oatmeal and its just like eating dessert for breakfast! It makes it a delight to drink.

If a kid likes it you know it tastes delicious. The vanilla shake is awesome and the funfetti cupcake is to die for. Love love love this protien. This protien is in my opinion the best in every way. Keep up the amazing work. Shipping is pretty quick as well. Like most proteins do. I bought it and absolutely love it. The other 5 proteins went in the trash.

Buy it, or get a sample. This was my first time trying Unico protein powder and I was pleasantly surprised. It not only tasted good but mixed well also. Will be buying more soon! The Birthday cake is a fantastic flavor!

Laysa Ditzel Durski verified owner — August 8, I bought the cookie and cream flavor and it does taste really good. I cannot say enough good things about this protein powder. I got the banana and I was skeptical to say the least. It will be a cure for the banana milkshake cravings. I just ordered another and I cannot wait to try it. Gia verified owner — August 8, I LOVE this product! This is the only protein powder I will be buying for now on.

The best tasting protein powder I have ever had!! Mixes really well with just water or milk. Just awesome I will be purchasing again!! Flavor is great and not grainy like most proteins. Loved the birthday cupcake so much. Rach verified owner — August 10, I definitely feel full after a shake and easily holds me over til lunch! I recently ordered the chocolate and banana.

I love them both!! They are great mixed with almond milk or just water. I will definitely order again!!! The cookies n cream flavor is quite good and not gritty at all—8 oz of water with one scoop of powder is a nice thick consistency. Birthday Cake Cupcakes is my favorite though—it has sprinkles! However, 8 oz of water with one scoop of powder for this flavor is a bit thinner than the cookies n cream flavor, but it is still good. Corinna verified owner — August 11, It is by far the best tasting one I have ever had.

Also I will sometimes take it as a meal replacement and it keeps me full all morning. In love with this protein! I stay full until lunch! Candin verified owner — August 14, This protein powder is just as described! It mixes easily into water with no clumps. The chocolate peanut butter and the salted caramel are my FAVS!! I have three flavors, the cupcake is not favorite. The chocolate peanut butter is a nice change when I crave chocolate, but the banana is to die fo.

Very disappointed by the taste of the cinnamon bun flavor. Unless you LOVE sweet icing, would avoid the gooey cinnamon flavor. Ironically I had purchased another brand who had a cake batter flavor and the aftertaste was so disgusting.

It has really amped up my green smoothies and I even have it with a glass of almond milk. Would totally recommend and can not wait to try the other flavors! Best tasting protein I have ever tried! I have always used protein from the grocery store which had little flavor and was grainy. This powder tastes delicious and is never grainy. I will never buy anything else. I have tried numerous protein powders and I always get the same result which is a chalky shake with a horrible taste.

I ordered the Molten Chocolate Lava shake and it is a chocolate lovers dream! Added bonus is it keeps me super full. I got the cupcake flavor and it true to taste! Very happy will be trying the vegan plant based next!! Like having a sweet treat. I add berries and collagen with some ice. Going to try a different flavor next time. Paige Porter verified owner — August 16, Mary Wise verified owner — August 16, Dee verified owner — August 17, I love this protein, like how nice the art work on the bottle,the taste is so good I used water and almond milk only difference the milk make it thicker.

The Chocolate and Peanut Butter was on point. Buying a different flavor to have variety. Seriously best tasting ever!! I have the vanilla and im very impressed and have tried lots of powders.

Kat verified owner — August 17, They mix well with anything, including water, which is a huge bonus! Alex verified owner — August 17, I was a bit skeptical about the taste at first — it sounded too good to be true! I love how they make so many flavors. Yep, this is the best tasting protein powder I have tried. I LOVE their packaging as well. I tried the Vanilla Milkshake, mixed it with almond milk and a frozen banana and thats exactly what it tasted like, a delicious vanilla milkshake.

I cant wait to try all the flavors. Birthday Cake Cupcakes is absolutely deeeeeelish. I picked it, and the entire unicor line based on such great reviews. And everyone was right. I got the banana flavor and am very pleased. Dorothea Payzant verified owner — August 19, If you are reading these reviews, especially if you are reading all something reviews, I assume that you, like me, were feeling skeptical that any protein powder could be worth this much money.

So far my favorite flavor is the vanilla. I seriously intend to try each and every damn one of them. I use water in the bottle blender and the consistency is always on point, never grainy. I went online to see if there was a better recipe, and one blog mentioned blending it with almond milk and vanilla extract. This was a total game changer. It really tasted like a vanilla milkshake and the consistency was smooth.

Tracy — August 23, I got the cake batter cupcake and after only two days of mixing it with coconut milk or almond milk both are creamy and delicious! I purchased the Birthday Cake flavor and it is delicious! I am looking forward to trying out the other flavors! The best protein powder ever! I cant wait to try the rest of them!

I bought the salted caramel and honestly it is so good. No strange after tastes. I add a couple ice cubes to my shaker bottle and it blends really nicely. It really is good stuff. Michelle verified owner — August 23, I mix the cinnamon roll powder into my oatmeal and top it with some fresh fruit for an afternoon snack! I feel more energized and healthy after using this protein in creative ways for a few weeks. Birthday cake flavor is delicious!

It fits my macros well and is like a treat after workouts. Will definitely be trying other flavors! Very filling, no chalky texture, and smells amazing. I also get to satisfy my sweet tooth without diving into an actual birthday cake. Lacey B verified owner — August 24, This protein shake definitely has the wow factor! It actually takes me by surprise on how sweet and actual it taste! Vicki verified owner — August 25, Absolutely love this product!!

Taste like you should feel guilty about drinking it! AJC verified owner — August 25, The flavor is simply amazing. Use cold milk with a regular shaker and the powder completely dissolves. Kimberly Williams verified owner — August 26, Both are deliciously creamy and so tasty!

It also has everything I look for in a protein, with grass fed whey, and both short and long acting protein so I can use it as a dietary supplement! I crave it just in general when i want something sweet or when i need a pick me up after a workout!! I have the birthday cake cupcake flavor and the chocolate cookies and cream. I purchased the Banana Creme Pie flavor after trying tons of other products and getting tired of the flavors well before running out.

This protein is far from boring and is so creamy using both water and almond milk! I love that this protein mixes well in cold or hot beverages, and has very little carbs. It tastes amazing in coffee and is the perfect combination of sweet and caffeine for a mid morning pick me up! Sarah Smith verified owner — August 27, I am a huge wimp about the flavor of most protein powders, but I could handle this!

Nice product, left me feeling full. Stephanie L verified owner — August 27, I have struggled with finding a protein powder that I love for a really long time! This is absolutely perfect with water, no need to add anything! MK verified owner — August 28, Absolutely amazing flavor and great consistency. Alex F verified owner — August 28, I went in on Cinnamon Bun for my first Unico powder. They have a new customer for life!

I bought the cinnamon roll flavor. It is really good. If shipping were priced better I would buy again. Haley verified owner — August 28, The quality of the protein powder seemed fine but the flavor I thought was way too sweet for me and I usually really like sweet.

I purchased the gooey cinnamon roll flavor. I would like to try the other flavors but next time would just wait until the sample packs are available again. Jessicag verified owner — August 28, I am so glad I found a protein powder that I can actually stand to drink! It goes amazing with water or even milk. I recommend this to a friend of mine as well. Laura Corn verified owner — August 28, Sarah — August 29, I love this stuff!

Kaitlyn Cooley verified owner — August 29, KayCee verified owner — August 29, I absolutely LOVE this protein shake. I got the cinnamon flavor. Megan Norris verified owner — August 29,

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