Nutrition Module: 13. Nutrition Information System

Main achievements of the Nutrition Information System

Transforming the nutrition information system
In this study session, you will be introduced to the nutrition information system NIS and sources of data that can be used to generate useful nutritional indicators. TFP trend data is incorporated in the early warning system and is the critical component in triggering immediate response that may arise. By monitoring increases in underweight as an early indicator and OTP admissions as a late indicator , frontline health practitioners, who are members of the Food Security Task Forces FSTF , can play a crucial role in providing information for appeal processes. Nutrients and their Sources Nutrition Module: When scaling up an information system, quality can be compromised and it is important to put mechanisms in place continuous capacity building to address these shortcomings. The scorecard consists of three components: Nutrition If you create an account, you can set up a personal learning profile on the site.

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Inclusion of routine nutrition data in the NIS and the early warning system