Top 10 Tasty Ideas for Detox Green Smoothie


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This thick, tasty apple-cinnamon smoothie is a favourite of celebs for keeping them satisfied for hours. Cold Buster Green Smoothie: Kale Pina-Covado Green Smoothie: Get the recipe here! Put everything in the blender and mix until smooth.

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10 Flat Belly Tips

I hope you figure out what is causing the problem for you. Headaches just suck…to say the least. I use Coromega now, too! All thanks to Lindsay. They should hire her! It IS so tastypants. I really enjoy it, and feel so much happier than taking a big, nasty fish oil pill that probably never absorbed into my system anyway! Got so excited about the Coromega earlier, I forgot to say sorry for your crappy headaches. I hope they are subsiding! I feel with you! Drinking a lot of water helps. I lost my wisdom teeth!

I will snag Jason for another walk as soon as he gets home — there have been intermittent rains today but also blue skies and sun.

Oh, then I really have no idea! I found your blog recently through Bonzai Aphrodite and I love it! Awesome, thanks for the tips!! Do you think it would work with spinach that is just a little old as in, not complete slimy yet, but kind of getting there? I do this all the time as long as it is not slimy — those I pick out! I think the biofreeze is my version of icing my neck! I put it on my forehead, temples and neck and it does help much of the time.

I love a warm bath too… my mom showed me years ago to just put your FEET only in really hot water — as hot as you can stand — and it should help headaches all the blood goes to your feet! The only thing I can suggest is every day, regular use of Amazing Grass. It got rid of my headaches! I try to let everything escape out of my brain, all thoughts drift away, and focus on my breathing.

I usually fall asleep that way and wake up headache free! I will give the AG a try — I drink it a lot, but not regularly. I used them in college — need to look for those again! Thanks, Christina, I appreciate your suggestions! Have you had it tested for mold? Although something like that would probably be more consistent, and not sporadic.

Great thought on the massage, too. I just learned there is a home mold test… we may think about it. Gluten can be the cause of headaches for many people. Even a little bit can keep them going or getting a bit more on occasion can bring the headaches back. Do you know Iris The Daily Dietribe?

Thank you for letting me know about Iris — I will go look her up now! January 17, 0. December 29, 0. Enjoy the unique …. October 5, 0. September 16, 0. September 15, 0. Lychee is loaded with vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, niacin, vitamin B6, copper, ….

August 29, 0. August 22, 0. June 4, 0. May 20, 0. Do you make one with grapefruit, one with tangerine , one with cucumber and one with peppermint.

Sounds like you make one drink with all of the above so why does it say 5 Fat Flushing drinks. Also why are all the comments so messed up and on top of another. Makes for very hard reading. I want to try this but want to get it right before mixing everything up. Thanks for your answers. The other "drinks" are listed below the fat flushing drink paragraph, they are not recipes. There is cranwater, grapefruit juice, water and green tea. Trying to read this on phone so please excuse if seems silly … Triple the amounts of fruits if combining for 24oz?

Or same amount of fruits just in pitcher with 24oz of water? Recipe calls for half a gallon. Again, is it ok to substitute Clementines or something else for the tangerines?

Tangerines are not in season and not available. If you look below the recipe for the fat flushing water, you will see the other 4 drinks recommended being cranwater, grapefruit juice, water and green tea. For all those with questions about the tangerines and the peppermint, etc.

I read every label in my grocery store…. Will this drink continue to help burn fat after ten days? Or will body become tolerant to the ingredients? Can you substitute the grapefruit for another type of fruit? I take a lot of meds so I don't want grapefruit to interfere with it. Thanks for answering my question. If you go look at the original recipe on Dr Oz's site, the fruit ingredients should be combined with one pitcher of water and then consumed 8 oz.

I'm confused… Your ingredients say per 8oz. Oz page it says per pitcher, yet the ingredient quantities are the same. Ingredients, per 8-ounce serving. Tricia, You simply add the ingredients to a pitcher and stir. Ours also says add to pitcher. Does this clear it up? Basically the ingredients are per pitcher, not per 8 ounce serving as was stated on your page. So for example, there's not 1 slice of grapefruit for every 8 ozs. I would probably do it as you state here.

I'm thinking only one slice per picture may not be quite enough. BUT, that's just me. I would also not "nit-pick" this and just get a pitcher, and get the fruit and go for it. It can be hard to find certain times of the year so I would sub with mint leaves. I'm a little late weighing in on this.. It will do really well in a pot and grow like crazy! Water 1 grapefruit sliced can substitute with lemon 1 tangerine can substitute with oranges 1 large cucumber, sliced mint leaves Ice http: I know this has been commented on a lot already….

Just 8 oz of water? Or fill the pitcher? Pat, Peppermint has a lot of beneficial uses: Irritable bowel syndrome Indigestion Heartburn Nausea. Do you peel the fruit before putting it in the pitcher and also, can you use mint instead of peppermint? Wasn't sure if it would make a big difference. So once you finish the pitcher….

I will remake in a pitcher. Anyone heard of the 3 day military diet? Stacy, It is not a diet. This is just a recipe for a healthy drink that helps to eliminate excess body fat. Can you leave out the peppermint? I can't have mint at all it makes me so sick so is there something else I should use or can I just leave it out??

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